A new journey! The Tianwen-1 team won the world’s highest award in spaceflight

At the recently opened 2022 International Astronautical Congress, China’s Mars exploration mission Tianwen-1[1] won this year’s highest space award, the World Space Award.



The International Astronautical Federation said: “The Tianwen-1 development team has provided an innovative path for successful exploration of Mars, and has made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of human Mars exploration and deep space exploration technology. ”

Introduction to IAF[2]

The International Astronautical Federation ( IAF ) is an international space advocacy organization based in Paris, and founded in 1951 as a non-governmental organization to establish a dialogue between scientists around the world and to lay the information for international space cooperation. It has over 390 members from 68 countries across the world. They are drawn from space agencies, companies, universities, professional associations, museums, government organizations and learned societies. The IAF organizes the annual International Astronautical Congress ( IAC ).

Introduction to IAC[3]

They are an annual meeting of the actors in the discipline of space, and are generally held in late September or early October. They consist of plenary sessions, lectures and meetings. The IAC is attended by the agency heads and senior executives of the world’s space agencies.

Past winning teams

  • The 2021 winner is the Japanese Hayabusa2[4] asteroid sample return mission team.



  • The 2020 winners are the Chang’e-4 mission team.



  • The 2019 winners are the crew of the Apollo 11 mission that first landed on the moon half a century ago.

    The crew of the Apollo 11 mission

    The crew of the Apollo 11 mission


The International Astronautical Federation regards the World Aerospace Awards as an honor for “world-class outstanding achievement”, awarded “for outstanding contributions to global space activities in the fields of space science, space technology, space medicine, space law or space management. individual or team”. This is the second time that the Chinese space team has won the award.


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